Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Norfolk & Western - The Unsung Colony

October 2006 Norfolk & Western - The Unsung Colony Hush Records HUSH063 ( cd, download), Jealous Butcher JB-058 (lp)

1. The Longest Stare
2. The Shortest Stare
3. Barrels On Fire
4. How To Reel In
5. The New Rise Of Labor
6. Rehearsing La Dolce Vita
7. Arrangements Made
8. Drifter
9. Banish All Rock
10. Atget Waltz
11. From The Interests Of Few
12. The Longest Stare (reprise)

Rachel Blumberg - Vocals, Drums, Chimes, Vibraphone, Tambourine, Piano, Marimba, Ukulele, Percussion, Tympani, Banjo, Glockenspiel, Jaymar, Crash Cymbals
Heather Broderick - Cello
Peter Broderick - Violin, Mandolin, Theremin, Guitar, Banjo, Saw, Percussion, Accordion, Bass Drum
Nathan Crockett - violin
Dave Depper - Bass, Piano, Mellotron, Upright Bass, Bends
Cory Gray - Trumpet, Piano, Euphonium, Trombone
Amanda Lawrence - Viola, Violin
Tony Moreno - Guitar
Jesse Richter - Pedal Steel
Adam Selzer - Vocals,Guitar,Juno, Soundscape, Sound Archives, Mandolin