Monday, 24 December 2007

Live In Europe

December 2007 Live In Europe self-released (download)

01 Begin (expanded version, live in Belfast)
02 The Piano Race (live in London)
03 With The Notes In My Ears (live in Glasgow)
04 Dearest (alternate version, live in Rennes)
05 Moment (with voice, live in Belfast)
06 Looking/Thinking (alternate version, live in Le Havre)
07 The Lingering Procession ( live in Glasgow)
08 Untitled Piano (live in Le Havre)
09 Pop's Song (live in Belfast)
10 Something Has Changed (alternate version, live in London)
11 Begin (album version with mistake, live in London)

Peter posted these tracks on his myspace page. The Le Havre and Rennes tracks are also on the European Tour cd-r.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

That Fuzzy Feeling

December 2007 Arctic Circle Presents... That Fuzzy Feeling Loaf LOAF14 (cd, download)

1.Fuzzy Lights - Snowstorm In A Snow Globe
2.Canon Blue - Halcyon
3.Dollboy - Look Darling, It's Starting to Snow
4.Vincent Oliver and Isan - Brave the Cold
5.Peter Broderick - Family, Giving
6.Ellis Island Sound - Christmas in Hawthorne
7.Imaginationandmymother - Mouth Half Open
8.Hauschka and Andy Nice - Pulverschnee
9.Rothko and The Sleeping Years - While December Turns
10.Sean O'Hagan - Cammy Tack
11.Gavouna - Flutter
12.David Julyan - 67ยบ South
13.Si-cut.db - Winter Cabin (Edit)
14.Klima - Sing to Me (Rainy Christmas)
15.North Sea Radio Orchestra - O Come O Come Emmanuel

Buy a digital download here