Saturday, 1 January 2005

Music for Three (People)

2004/2005 Peter Broderick - Music for Three (People) (mp3)

From Peter's flickr photostream:

"Today I've been sorting through a bunch of old boxes of my things, out at my father's place. I found all these compositions I wrote while I was studying music theory in 2004-2005.

This was a piece I wrote for piano, violins, and tuba. I remember the teacher wanted us write everything out on the computer, so that it was easier to read, and to hand in the printed composition with a MIDI recording of the piece. I never learned how to use the computer program, so I ended up writing out everything by hand, and making recordings of the music.

This one cracks me up. This was only 4-5 years ago, yet it's hard for me to believe that I'm the one who wrote this piece of music. It seems my music just keeps getting slower and simpler as time goes on.

And I managed to find the recording I made. For some reason at the time I decided to add drums and harmonium, which aren't even in the score. Guaranteed to give you a headache and make you smile if you listen to the whole song :-)"

listen here