Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Frederik Teige - Promo 2009

November 2009 Frederik Teige - Promo 2009 (cd-r)

01 Where Most Of Us Would Leave
02 Stabile Curve Downwards
03 Elevate
04 What Is New?
05 You Always Tried To Pull Us Down
06 Longest Drive
07 14%
08 Invisible Vampire
09 Less Stuff To Worry About

Frederik Teige - vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, keyboard, percussion, organ
Anna Brønsted - vocals
Christian Olesen - bass, vocal
Cæcilie Trier - cello
Jakob Bjørn Hansen - vocal, drums, percussion
Jeppe Brix - guitar, vocal, organ, effects
Jens Søndergaard - keyboard
Mike Taagehøj - bass
Niklas Antonson - trombone
Peter Broderick - violin
Rune Mølgaard - piano
Thomas Husmer - trumpet

Self released: November 24th. 2009, Limited 300 copies.
Recorded and mixed in Jens Benz Studio, Copenhagen. February-April, 2009.
Technician/Producer/Mixer: Jens Søndergaard ( http://www.jensbenzstudio.dk/ )
Mastered by Lasse Hansen, Hotmastering, Copenhagen. September 2009
Cover by Claudia Crobatia and Frederik Teige
All songs and Lyrics by Frederik Teige
Press Photo: Claudia Crobatia ( www.claudiacrobatia.com )

(many thanks to Frederik for sending details of this disc)

What Is New is now available on Bad Panda Records (Bad Panda 041). Download it free!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


November 2009 Hannover (mp3)

On his flickr photostream, Peter wrote "Another found piano in Hannover.

This time rather than make a movie, I took a picture, and set up my little field recorder on the foosball table and recorded five short improvisations in b flat minor. Today I mixed all five recordings together."

You can listen to the track here.

Sunday Song

November 2009 Peter Broderick - Sunday Song (mp3)

Another post from Peter's flickr photostream. "An unexpected night off on tour. A few hours alone with one of my favorite pianos."

Listen here.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


November 2009 Peter Broderick - Freyr (mp3)

Posted on Peter's flickr photostream.
Listen here

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Blank Grey Canvas Sky

November 2009 Machinefabriek & Peter Broderick - Blank Grey Canvas Sky Fang Bomb FB012 (vinyl; cd)

1. Departure
2. Planes
3. Kites
4. Rain
5. Blank Grey
6. Homecoming

Music and instruments by Peter Broderick and Machinefabriek
Vocals on 'Rain' by Susanna Lundgren

At one time this album was going to be called 'Planes and Kites':

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Recession/Recessione a nonexistent exhibition

November 2009 Recession/Recessione a nonexistent exhibition (cd)

Between September and November 2009, 35 artists worldwide were asked to interpret the "Recession" through texts, images, artwork or music.

The cd features:

1 - "People, places, pianos" - an audio collage by Peter Broderick
For this track I have compiled some unused material and field recordings from the last year. Sound sources include: men singing from towers in Tel Aviv; dinner table in Tel Aviv; Nils Frahm playing piano at La Mami, France; a drummer on the street in Bath, UK; me playing drums in Portland, OR, USA; my sister's old roommate Kazumi meditating; wurlitzer piano samples from Garageband; me and Nils talking on the side of the road in Holland
2 - "Left behind like a piece of shit" - Boduf Songs
3 - "Recessional" - Julia Kent
4 - "Ma contribution á l'industrie phonographique" - Sylvain Chauveau
5 - "Opus 28" - Dustin O'Halloran
6 - "Nada" - Ronin
7 - "Dead Letter" - Goldmund
8 - "Song of the highwire shrimper" - Tim Hecker
9 - "Just because" - Mark Borthwick as Will Shine
10 - "Golden ratios" - Dylan Martorell

800 copies