Friday, 27 March 2009

Hälsningar från skogen

March 2009 Hälsningar från skogen Kning Disk KD063 (cd)

1. Jan Lindblad - Entonigt ringer den lilla klockan
2. Tired Tape Machine - Like Glass
3. Chaz Knapp - Acceptance of fate
4. Jean-Louis Huhta - Each day
5. Peter Broderick - A Song For The Cranes
6. Hans Appelqvist - Hälsningar från skogen
7. Tired Tape Machine - Life is a joke
8. Tape- Beams
9. José González - 07.11.11
10. The Dead Sea - Nulla desiderata

This is the same version of A Song For The Cranes as on Music For On Paper Wings and the 2007 European Tour cd

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ten Duets

March 2009 Ten Duets Digitalis Industries ltd#60 (cass)

A1 Piano & Toy Piano
A2 Travel Guitar & Thundermachine
A3 Viola & Laptop
A4 Shaker & Kalimba
A5 Pump Organ & Handbells
B1 Violin & Mouth
B2 Mandolin & Theremin
B3 Field Recorder & Postcard Weevil
B4 Nylon Guitar & Violin
B5 Banjo & Piano

Dearest listener,

This here is a little collection of ten duets, each one for a different pair of instruments. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I'd like to dedicate these songs to lazy days, my cat Freyr, procrastination, and Mr. Brad E. Rose. Music is a funny thing. And these songs are certainly no exception. This project began as a way to try and put the last of my polaroid film to good use. It's getting more and more expensive, and harder to find every day! Please take care of yourselves, and of each other.

Peter Broderick

limited edition of 300.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Dakota Suite - The Night Just Keeps Coming In

March 2009 Dakota Suite - The Night Just Keeps Coming In Navigators Yard NY001 (cd, download)

The End Of Trying remixed by:

1. one day without harming you - machinefabriek
2. this failing sea - peter broderick
3. hands swollen with grace - jasper leyland
4. a quietly gathering tragedy - hauschka
5. all the love I had was not enough - elegi
6. very early one morning on old road - deaf center
7. the end of trying part I - arve henricksen
8. the end of trying part II - greg haines
9. the end of trying part III - hannu
10. the end of trying part IV - tape
11. een langzaam lekkende wond - swod
12. the night keeps coming in - the boats
13. how could you let me go - jacaszek
14. second hand light - emanuele errante
15. things we lost along the way - loscil
16. z-cars - nick hawley