Thursday, 28 May 2009


May 2009 Peter Broderick & Nils Frahm - Luzern (mp3)

Posted on Peter's flickr photostream. Peter said "It was midway through our Summer tour, and every night Nils and I would play for 5-15 minutes together at the end of his set, improvising. We only have recordings from a few of the shows, and Luzern is one of them. Nils was on the piano, and I was making loops and playing a bunch of instruments - voice, Yamaha CP-70 piano, violin, musical saw, shaker, postcard weevil, and field recorder."

Probably from the concert on 28/05/09 at Treibhaus, Luzern, Switzerland

No Longer Available

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Five Film Score Outtakes

May 2009 Five Film Score Outtakes Secret Furry Hole sfh/003 (cd-r)

1. Film Score Outtake 1
2. Film Score Outtake 2
3. Film Score Outtake 3
4. Film Score Outtake 4
5. Film Score Outtake 5

Written, performed and recorded by Peter Broderick, March 2009

Made with love using piano, violin, cello, guitar and laptop.

Thanks to Jukka and Tommaso, and to you for listening.

From Peter's myspace page:

In March 2009 I was asked by Matt Clark to create the score for his new short film. I recorded a lot of music for the film, and ended up with quite a few extra pieces that were not used in the final cut. Among those extra pieces were these five little songs.

3" cd-r limited to 200 copies.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Step Out Into The Light

May 2009 Taxi Taxi! - Step Out Into The Light Rumraket RUM017 (digital download)

1. More Childish Than In A Long Time
2. True Love Will Find You In The End
3. Belle (covered by Peter Broderick)

From Rumraket:

With the Step Out Into The Light EP Taxi Taxi! finally returns after their successful debut EP release in 2007. This new digital only EP is a foretaste to their debut album that will be released in the fall of 2009.

The two twin sisters from Stockholm graduated from high School a year ago and are still in their teens, but more than ever is their musical output as mature and on the same level as the international artists Johanna and Miriam so often are compared to.

More Childish Than In A Long Time starts the EP and this song will also be present on the coming album. The two other tracks are exclusively only available on this release. This EP and the coming album are both tastefully and gently produced by Johan Berthling (Tape, Häpna Records).

Track 2 on this EP is Taxi Taxi!´s cover version of the legendary Daniel Johnston song True Love Will Find You In The End. The third track is a cover of the Taxi Taxi! song Belle by the American artist Peter Broderick. Besides being a friend and fan of Taxi Taxi! Peter Broderick has released acclaimed albums on Type, Bella Union, Kning Disk and Erased Tapes.

This particulary Taxi Taxi EP is released on Rumraket in collaboration with our good friends and colleagues from Tigerspring.

Buy a download here

Peter's track recorded January 2009

Machinefabriek and Soccer Committee - Redrawn

May 2009 Machinefabriek & Soccer Committee - Redrawn (Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek Remixed And Covered) (self-released cd-r)

1. High Jacked Drone 1 - Andrea Belfi
2. Di-O-Day - Holden Goldmund
3. For I Am Distant - Taylor Deupree
4. Landslide - Mark Templeton
5. Magpie - The Puddle Parade
6. Mees - Nate Wooley
7. Thole - Tori, Reiko & Namio Kudo
8. Untitled 221 - Francisco López
9. Very Well Drawn, Re-edited - Németh
10. Di-O-Day - The North Sea
11. Seem - Steinbrüchel
12. Very Well Drawn - Squares On Both Sides
13. Klauwier Materials, Solo Guitar Into A Duo - Gary Smith
14. A Reversion To Thole - Lawrence English
15. Di-O-Day - Kenneth Kirschner
16. For I Have None - Annelies Monseré
17. The Fun Years Scribble With Crayons - The Fun Years
18. Mees - Stefano Pilia
19. Christopher (For Suzanne) - Peter Broderick
20. Low Drone 2 - Xela

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

30 Century Man

May 2009 Music Inspired by the Film Scott Walker 30 Century Man Lakeshore Records LAKO 339672 (cd)

1. Duchess - Peter Broderick
2. Big Louise - Sally Norvell
3. The World's Strongest Man - Damon & Naomi
4. Manhattan - Saint Etienne
5. The Electrician - Laurie Anderson
6. The Seventh Seal - Nicole Atkins
7. Montague Terrace (In Blue) - Dot Allison
8. The Bridge - Bee & Flower
9. Rhymes Of Goodbye - Stephanie Dosen
10. It's Raining Today - Ulrich Schnauss
11. A Lover Loves - Jarboe
12. Such A Small Love - Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch