Wednesday, 26 August 2009

4 Track Songs

August 2009 4 Track Songs Type Records Type044 (2xLP, cd, download)

1. (No Title)
2. Piano & Rain
3. Nothing
4. Shortened Version (Mistake)
5. For Pop
6. Walking/Thinking
7. (Untitled)
8. Bad Song

1. More Of A Composition
2. A Low End Rumble
3. Outside
4. For Piano
5. For Dave
6. Piano And Violin (Volume 3 bonus track)
7. Refining (Volume 3 bonus track)

1. Looking/Thinking
2. Bad Song #2
3. A Simple String Duet
4. Three Cats
5. Jenn Is Sick
6. Get Well Soon
7.(Untitled #2)

1. A Current Soundtrack
2. A Former Soundtrack
3. G Major
4. The Cold
5. Listening/Thinking
6. Saw A Movie Today (Volume 3 bonus track)
7. Pop's Song (Volume 3 bonus track)

From Type Records:

In just a few short years multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer and all round renaissance man Peter Broderick has shot from being a darling of the underground to something far more substantial. Constantly touring, Peter has accrued fans far and wide with his alluring folk songs and gorgeous post-classical compositions, but all this had to start somewhere.

A few years ago Peter was kind enough to send Type a package of all his material prior to writing ‘Float’. This came in the form of two CDRs, lovingly hand-labelled ‘4 Track Songs’. Recorded to tape using only a cheap microphone, Peter assembled these tracks as and when they came to his head. From delicate piano improvisations to fully fledged songs more reminiscent of ‘Home’ this is a charming and heart-warming portal into Peter’s early creative process. More than that though, these songs are so defiant in their hazy, lo-fi beauty that they stand on their own as pieces that can never possibly be repeated.

Moving from track to track with all the grace of that chunky stop button on a cassette recorder, we are treated to both volumes of Peter’s early recordings and although they might have been released before, they actually never sold a single copy. Peter ended up giving them away to lucky friends and relatives as the general public had no idea of what they were missing out on. Through dedications (‘For Dave’) to get-well-soon messages (‘Jenn is Sick’) to simple musings on life (‘Three Cats’) each song seems to come straight from the heart and is untroubled by the trappings of modern production. This is pure, simple and ineffably beautiful music which shows the beginnings of a truly special talent.

Listen to the cd version here

On his myspace page, Peter wrote: "I am happy to tell you that a collection of my music called 4 Track Songs has just been released on Type Recordings, on CD and double vinyl. I recorded this music back in 2006, before I had ever released an album of my own, with some very cheap and basic recording equipment.

I made two short albums like this, and then I started this Myspace page. I posted the music, and announced that I was selling my albums for $0.00. All you had to do was write me on here and I'd send you one.

No one wrote.

My little virtual corner of the internet wasn't getting much attention then. It took me several months to get rid of all the copies, asking family members to take five copies and share them. I never thought this music would take me anywhere, I just wanted to share it with whoever wanted to hear.

Anyhow, now the music is more widely available, for anyone who would like to hear it. "

Thursday, 20 August 2009


August 2009 Peter Broderick - Numbers (mp3)

posted on Peter's flickr photostream:

"I wrote some numbers on a photo. I wanted to think of it as a musical score. I would be really happy if anyone and everyone would like to create something, anything (paintings, drawings, musics, photos, whatever!), inspired by this score. Please, if you feel like doing it, and you have the time, make something and email it to me (

Maybe you'd like to make a piece of music from it? Maybe first you would treat each number as a note in the D major scale. 1 = D, 2 = E, 3 = F#, etc. Then you might grab your violin and record each horizontal line of numbers separately, at different tempos. So each number corresponds to a note in the scale, but you might also decide that each number represents how many times you will play that given note. So when you see a 6, you would play a B, for six beats, and so on and so forth. Then once you finished recording those violins playing the different lines of numbers, you might take the different lines and randomly place them over the top of each other. After hearing that you'd probably decide your piece of music needs a little bit of low end. So you might take the first vertical line of numbers and make it a bass line, playing each note for one measure, in slow 4/4 time, over and over again. After recording that bass line on a bass guitar as well as piano, you might think about fading it up throughout the entire song. And finally, you might hear all that together and decide that it needs something else. Why not read aloud all the numbers over the top of the music?

If one were to try these things, it might end up sounding something like this"

This tracks has been released on Numbers - A Project By Peter Broderick

Monday, 17 August 2009

Two Tracks

August 2009 Two Tracks Hush (free download)

1. And It's Alright (Nils Frahm Remix)
2. Not At Home (Piano & Strings Version)

From Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm with love. Two tracks to engage your ears. Available to download here