Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Leigh Marble - Red Tornado

November 2007 Leigh Marble - Red Tornado Laughing Stock Records 5 (cd)

1. Lucky Bastards
2. On Your Way
3. Salt In The Wound
4. Fast & Loose
5. Baby Ruth
6. So Far
7. Get Yours
8. The Big Words
9. Gave It All
10. Stakes
11. Strip The Bed

Leigh Marble: vocals, guitars, bass, slide bass, harmonica, organ bass, Mellotron, tamborine, maracas, claps
Ben Macy: organs, piano, accordion, Rhodes, backing vocals, maracas, claps
Jason Russell: drums, shaker, claps
Mike Apinyakul: slide guitars on 1, electric guitar on 4
Peter Broderick: violins on 2, 5, 9

Friday, 2 November 2007


November 2007 Docile Kning Disk KD047 (10" vinyl); KD047-2 (cd); download (mp3; flac)

1. Begin
2. Moment
3. Null
4. Diverge
5. Dearest
6. Ceasefire
7. Query
8. Laden
9. Lull
10. Return

A mini album of solo piano music by Peter Broderick.

Written between 4/14/07 and 4/20/07, recorded in less than an hour the night of 5/6/07 recorded to 2" tape by Adam Selzer at Type Foundry - Portland, Oregon.

Playing the piano is one of my very favorite pastimes. The piano is such an amazing instrument because you don’t have to do much to make it sound beautiful. Some of my favorite piano music has been written by people who aren’t pianists at all, but who just have a wonderful sense of melody and composition. While I realize that these songs add nothing new to the vast collection of piano music out there, I have a simple desire to add to that collection. These songs are a small document of me doing one of my favorite things, and it is an utter dream come true to me if others are able to enjoy listening. Thank you.

Peter Broderick

released on 10" vinyl in an edition of 300 copies and on cd in 2009 in an edition of 800.