Saturday, 16 October 2010


October 2010 Numbers - A Project By Peter Broderick no label (cd)

An enhanced cd containing nine pieces of music, two videos, and artwork inspired by this.

The music:
01. Peter Broderick
02. Matthew Carefully
03. Colin Kenniff
04. Michel Banabila
05. Alex Wright
06. Sam Cleeve
07. Kristin McGuire
08. Mark Dawson
09. Maike Zazie Matern

The videos:
01. Jessica A. Lavrijsen
02. Pavel Kovtun

In the accompanying booklet, artwork by:
Peter Broderick
Jana Kühl
Jana Papenbroock
Colin Kenniff
Esther Göröcs
Michel Banabila
Ian Dingman
Jessica A. Lavrijsen
Marta Krzyszowska
Damian Levingston
Alex Wright
Kristen McGuire
Colette Dörrwand
Maike Zazie Matern
Arthur Buliz
Jennifer Heinfeld
Joshua Marr
Marcel Kläber
Pavel Kovtun
Dimitar Ruszev

CD, ltd edition of 250 handmade copies.

. . .

In August 2009, I wrote some numbers on photo I had taken a few months earlier. I intended to use the image/numbers as a musical score. I then made a piece of music based on this score.

Once I was finished, I put up the image on my flickr page, accompanied by my song, available to download. And then I asked for anyone in the world to interpret the score, through music, photography, film, drawing, painting, or any other medium the artist might choose.

For one year I collected submissions from all around the world, and I was very happy and surprised to see the number of contributions coming in. I was also very surprised at the variety of work submitted, from songs to soundscapes, detailed drawings to abstract images, and even a couple video clips.

At one point it struck me how much I loved this idea of collaborating with anyone in the world who wanted to participate. Not asking any specific people, but just letting anyone take part only if they decided to on their own free will. Not judging or comparing the different submissions, but just accepting them as equal parts of a larger project.

And so with the help of graphic designer/artist Jana Kühl (who happens to be the very first person to contribute to this project!), all submissions collected between August 2009 and August 2010 have been put together into a 48 page booklet + cd containing nine audio tracks and two videos. And I can't help but feel like this nearly random collection is somehow complete, that all of the pieces fit together and compliment each other in some strange way.

- Peter Broderick, November 2010


  1. Is this release still currently available.



  2. it's still listed in the sonic pieces webshop (at so I would assume so.

  3. looks like it's sold out now though