Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Various Artists - From The Land Of Ice And Snow

October 2010 Various Artists - From The Land Of Ice And Snow: The Songs Of Led Zeppelin Jealous Butcher JB-089 (2xcd)

Disc 1
Good Times Bad Times - Kind Of Like Spitting
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - The Clampitt Family
Dazed And Confused - The Portland Cello Project
Featuring Laura Gibson & John Moen
Your Time Is Gonna Come - Nick Jaina
Whole Lotta Love - Fukd'uptight
Poor Tom - Adam Selzer
Nobody's Fault But Mine - Carcrashlander
Fool In The Rain - Kaia
Thank You - Dan Jones
Heartbreaker - Lackthereof Feat. Pete Mccracken
Moby Dick - Knock-Knock
Out On The Tiles - Super Xx Man
Friends - Amy Anelle & The Shishi Valley Boys
Tangerine - Jeff London
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Arch Cape
Hey Hey What Can I Do - Weinland
In The Evening - Chris Walla

Disc 2
Black Dog - Lana Rebel
Rock And Roll - Pellet Gun
The Battle Of Evermore - Tu Fawning
Stairway To Heaven - Kelly Blair Bauman
Misty Moutain Hop - Buelton
Four Sticks - Rebecca Gates And The Consortium
Over The Hills And Far Away - Johanna Kunin
No Quarter - Testface
The Ocean - Laura Veirs & Mount Analog
Houses Of The Holy - Beltline
Kashmir - Loch Lomond
Ritchie Young: Vocals
Jade Eckler: Vocals
Scott Magee: Drums, Clarinet
Dave Depper: Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Piano, Mellotron
Amanda Lawrence: Viola
Pia De Silva: Vocals
Peter Broderick: Musical Saw, Acoustic Guitars, Lap Steel, Vocals, Field Recordings
Chris Funk: Weissenborn, Hurdy Gurdy, Bazouki, Percussion
In The Light - The Long Winters
Bron-Yr-Aur - M. Ward
Down By The Seaside - Power Of County
All My Love - Parks & Recreation
I'm Gonna Crawl - Dave Depper

Digital Bonus Tracks
Communication Breakdown - Captain Vs. Crew
Heartbreaker - Wow & Flutter
Ramble On - The Little Betters
Immigrant Song - Leigh Marble
That's The Way - This Busy Monster
Rock And Roll - Tractor Operator
Going To California - The Valiant Arms
When The Levee Breaks - Larry Crane
The Rain Song - Antlerand
Over The Hills And Far Away - The Mighty Ghosts Of Heaven
Dancing Days - Miss Murgatroid And The Queens Of Heart
D'yer Mak'er - Chad Crouch
The Wanton Song - Remote Tree Children
Nobodys Fault But Mine V.1 - Carcrashlander
Going To California - Cool Sumner
Featuring Lisa Schonberg, Katy Davidson & Tara Jane O'neil
Tea For One - Lkn
Hot Dog - The Big River Band

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