Monday, 11 May 2009

Step Out Into The Light

May 2009 Taxi Taxi! - Step Out Into The Light Rumraket RUM017 (digital download)

1. More Childish Than In A Long Time
2. True Love Will Find You In The End
3. Belle (covered by Peter Broderick)

From Rumraket:

With the Step Out Into The Light EP Taxi Taxi! finally returns after their successful debut EP release in 2007. This new digital only EP is a foretaste to their debut album that will be released in the fall of 2009.

The two twin sisters from Stockholm graduated from high School a year ago and are still in their teens, but more than ever is their musical output as mature and on the same level as the international artists Johanna and Miriam so often are compared to.

More Childish Than In A Long Time starts the EP and this song will also be present on the coming album. The two other tracks are exclusively only available on this release. This EP and the coming album are both tastefully and gently produced by Johan Berthling (Tape, H├Ąpna Records).

Track 2 on this EP is Taxi Taxi!´s cover version of the legendary Daniel Johnston song True Love Will Find You In The End. The third track is a cover of the Taxi Taxi! song Belle by the American artist Peter Broderick. Besides being a friend and fan of Taxi Taxi! Peter Broderick has released acclaimed albums on Type, Bella Union, Kning Disk and Erased Tapes.

This particulary Taxi Taxi EP is released on Rumraket in collaboration with our good friends and colleagues from Tigerspring.

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Peter's track recorded January 2009

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