Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Five Film Score Outtakes

May 2009 Five Film Score Outtakes Secret Furry Hole sfh/003 (cd-r)

1. Film Score Outtake 1
2. Film Score Outtake 2
3. Film Score Outtake 3
4. Film Score Outtake 4
5. Film Score Outtake 5

Written, performed and recorded by Peter Broderick, March 2009

Made with love using piano, violin, cello, guitar and laptop.

Thanks to Jukka and Tommaso, and to you for listening.

From Peter's myspace page:

In March 2009 I was asked by Matt Clark to create the score for his new short film. I recorded a lot of music for the film, and ended up with quite a few extra pieces that were not used in the final cut. Among those extra pieces were these five little songs.

3" cd-r limited to 200 copies.

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