Thursday, 12 November 2009

Recession/Recessione a nonexistent exhibition

November 2009 Recession/Recessione a nonexistent exhibition (cd)

Between September and November 2009, 35 artists worldwide were asked to interpret the "Recession" through texts, images, artwork or music.

The cd features:

1 - "People, places, pianos" - an audio collage by Peter Broderick
For this track I have compiled some unused material and field recordings from the last year. Sound sources include: men singing from towers in Tel Aviv; dinner table in Tel Aviv; Nils Frahm playing piano at La Mami, France; a drummer on the street in Bath, UK; me playing drums in Portland, OR, USA; my sister's old roommate Kazumi meditating; wurlitzer piano samples from Garageband; me and Nils talking on the side of the road in Holland
2 - "Left behind like a piece of shit" - Boduf Songs
3 - "Recessional" - Julia Kent
4 - "Ma contribution รก l'industrie phonographique" - Sylvain Chauveau
5 - "Opus 28" - Dustin O'Halloran
6 - "Nada" - Ronin
7 - "Dead Letter" - Goldmund
8 - "Song of the highwire shrimper" - Tim Hecker
9 - "Just because" - Mark Borthwick as Will Shine
10 - "Golden ratios" - Dylan Martorell

800 copies

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