Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Frederik Teige - Promo 2009

November 2009 Frederik Teige - Promo 2009 (cd-r)

01 Where Most Of Us Would Leave
02 Stabile Curve Downwards
03 Elevate
04 What Is New?
05 You Always Tried To Pull Us Down
06 Longest Drive
07 14%
08 Invisible Vampire
09 Less Stuff To Worry About

Frederik Teige - vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, keyboard, percussion, organ
Anna Brønsted - vocals
Christian Olesen - bass, vocal
Cæcilie Trier - cello
Jakob Bjørn Hansen - vocal, drums, percussion
Jeppe Brix - guitar, vocal, organ, effects
Jens Søndergaard - keyboard
Mike Taagehøj - bass
Niklas Antonson - trombone
Peter Broderick - violin
Rune Mølgaard - piano
Thomas Husmer - trumpet

Self released: November 24th. 2009, Limited 300 copies.
Recorded and mixed in Jens Benz Studio, Copenhagen. February-April, 2009.
Technician/Producer/Mixer: Jens Søndergaard ( http://www.jensbenzstudio.dk/ )
Mastered by Lasse Hansen, Hotmastering, Copenhagen. September 2009
Cover by Claudia Crobatia and Frederik Teige
All songs and Lyrics by Frederik Teige
Press Photo: Claudia Crobatia ( www.claudiacrobatia.com )

(many thanks to Frederik for sending details of this disc)

What Is New is now available on Bad Panda Records (Bad Panda 041). Download it free!

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