Thursday, 17 August 2006

4 track songs

2006 4 Track Songs (2xcd-r)

1. (No Title)
2. Piano & Rain
3. Nothing
4. Shortened Version (Mistake)
5. For Pop
6. Walking/Thinking
7. (Untitled)
8. Bad Song
9. More Of A Composition
10. A Low End Rumble
11. Outside
12. For Piano
13. For Dave

1. Looking/Thinking
2. Bad Song #2
3. A Simple String Duet
4. Three Cats
5. Jenn Is Sick
6. Get Well Soon
7.(Untitled #2)
8. A Current Soundtrack
9. A Former Soundtrack
10. G Major
11. The Cold
12. Listening/Thinking

When Type Records released 4-track Songs in 2009, Peter wrote on his myspace page: "I recorded this music back in 2006, before I had ever released an album of my own, with some very cheap and basic recording equipment.

I made two short albums like this, and then I started this Myspace page. I posted the music, and announced that I was selling my albums for $0.00. All you had to do was write me on here and I'd send you one.

No one wrote.

My little virtual corner of the internet wasn't getting much attention then. It took me several months to get rid of all the copies, asking family members to take five copies and share them. I never thought this music would take me anywhere, I just wanted to share it with whoever wanted to hear. "

[if anyone has a copy and could confirm the track listing and lack of artwork I would be grateful]

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