Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Loch Lomond - Paper The Walls

October 2007 Loch Lomond - Paper The Walls Hush Records HUSH73 (cd, download)

1. Carl Sagan
2. A Field Report
3. Northern, Knees, Trees, and Lights
4. Witchy
5. A Warning (All Your Friends Are Smiling)
6. Scabs On This Year
7. Stripe II
8. Song in ¾
9. All Your Friends Are Smiling

Ritchie Young - vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Peter Broderick - vocals, percussion, violin, saw, whirly tubes, theremin, banjo, mandolin
Laurel Simmons - vocals, piano
Heather Broderick - vocals, cello, celeste, bells
Jade Eckler - vocals
Amanda Lawrence - vocals, cello
Jonathan Drews - vocals, guitar, bass, bells
Justin Ringle - vocals
Dr. Brenna Brandsma - vocals
Kaitlyn ni Donovan - vocals
Trevino Brings Plenty - vocals

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