Saturday, 20 September 2008


September 2008 Home Type Records Type048V (12" vinyl), Bella Union BELLACD172 [UK] and Hush [US] (cd)

1. Games voice, nylon guitar, field recordings: Casper Clausen and I singing in an empty stairwell in Gothenburg, and members of Efterklang having a discussion at rehearsal (in Danish)
2. And It's Alright acoustic and electric guitars, voice, various percussion, organ
3. With the Notes in My Ears nylon guitar, voice
4. Esbern Snares Gade 11,2tv acoustic guitars, musical saw, homemade clay whistle, banjo, voice
5. Below It steel guitar, voice
6. Sickness, Bury acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, homemade clay whistle, mandolin, various percussion & drum set, bass guitar, voice
7. Not at Home steel guitar, voice, harmonium, vibraphone, glockenspiel
8. There and Here acoustic and electric guitars, voice
9. Maps acoustic and electric guitars, voice, lap steel, bass synth, various percussion & drum set, vibraphone, field recording: my father playing guitar in his home (unaware that he's being recorded)
10. Games Again pump organ, electric guitar, celeste, voice
11. Softly Freezing (European iTunes only bonus track)

Dearest listener.

Home is a collection of songs recorded within a month's time at the turning of the year into 2008. Firstly I would like to thank the kind souls who allowed me to use their space to record and sleep in as I made this album - my mother, my father, my sister, the Crockett family, and Efterklang. Thank you for giving me a home. And secondly I would like to thank Mads for his amazing ears and input in the mixing process. I was raised to appreciate simple folk music, and here I make a nod to that world by focusing on two instruments that have always been very close to me - guitar and voice. I would like to dedicate these songs to all of the people I've been lucky enough to create music with throughout the years, each of them teaching me something different about music and sounds - my family, Adam Selzer, Dave Depper, Ritchie Young, Justin Ringle, Rachel Blumberg, Laurel Simmons, Laura Gibson, Matt Ward, Alex James, Jonathan Drews, Nick Jaina, David Wenngren, Rutger Zuydervelt, Nate Crockett, Branic Howard, Casey Deinel, Tom Hegerman, everyone in Efterklang, and the many, many others.

Thanks and love also to Terese Wallb├Ąck, Chad Crouch, Simon Raymonde, Mattias Nilsson, John Twells and YOU.

All songs written, performed and recorded by Peter Broderick.

Listen to streaming audio here

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