Friday, 10 July 2009

Various Friends - Soup

From Wixel's blog

"This is something I’ve been trying to get going for a while. It’s what I call “Musical Soup”. The basic idea is that several people send me a tender & quiet 2-to-3 minute recording of a couple of their favorite instruments, using the notes c#, d#, e, f#, g#, a and b. They’re the ingredients. I throw them all into a giant bowl of tracks in which I play those samples as randomly as possible, but always 8 samples at a time. …And that, will become the musical soup. :-)

I am convinced it will result in a magical piece that will be excellent to fall asleep to, or to read a book to, or any other gentle quiet evening “action”. Even if it is just getting lost in all those sounds. For those wondering; the people playing in this little snippet here are: Pieter Van Dessel, Boris Snauwaert, Ellen Evers, Ralph Steinbrüchel and Peter Broderick.

The goal is to reach at least one hour of this slowly evolving music. If you want to get involved, send me an e-mail."

You can hear an excerpt of the soup here

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