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Home/Second Home

September 2009 Home/Second Home Bella Union BELLA2CD172 (cd, download)

Disc 1 - Home
1. Games
2. And It's Alright
3. With The Notes In My Ears
4. Esbern Snares Gade 11, 2tv
5. Below It
6. Sickness, Bury
7. Not At Home
8. There And Here
9. Maps
10. Games Again

Disc 2 - Second Home
Live versions of songs. Recorded and mixed by Peter Broderick in two short nights at the Efterklang studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the end of 2008.

1. The Piano Race - This is a little song for piano and violin that I never really thought would fit in on a record, but I like to play it live.
2. Begin - That repeating piano melody is the first thing you hear on my mini album Docile. When I play it live I like to loop that first passage and then add multiple layers of violin over the top. The piano recording at the end was made on my little voice recorder at a venue at Gothenburg, Sweden, before one of my concerts at the end of 2007. And ever since then I've been sampling that recording every night.
3. Not At Home - When I started playing this song live, I discovered it didn't really need that outro section that's on the record. So instead I've extended the middle section by looping the guitar phrase and adding some layers of violin before returning to the second verse.
4. Sickness, Bury - It would be pretty much impossible to play the album version of this song all by myself, so I've had to strip it down a lot for my concerts. Instead of building with drums and electric guitars, the climax now comes with a repeating violin phrase, which is mocking the melody of the banjo on the original version.
5. Moment - Another song from my mini album Docile. For this one I've added a simple looped vocal passage. I am. Looping. My. Voice.
6. The Lingering Procession - This song was written by Erik Enocksson, for the Swedish film Farval Falkenburg. It's a beautiful film with a beautiful score, and this song plays in the last scene. The original version is quite a bit longer and features a full choir (and is really beautiful!).
7. Pop's Song - Anyone who has come to one of my concerts has heard this song. My father wrote the guitar part, and he used to play it to me as a child. I always thought it was beautiful, and when I was old enough to play the guitar, I taught myself how to play it. My version is a little different than his (his is much better!), and I've added a couple violin lines over the top.
8. With The Notes In My Ears - I took one of the simplest songs off the album and made it even simpler. Just one guitar and one voice.
9. For Bella Union - The first time I played this song was at the Union Chapel in London, October 2008. I had just written it on the piano recently, and I decided to play it that night at the last minute. After playing it I felt like it was a mistake, and I had no intention of ever playing it again. But my good friends at my record label Bella Union responded to it in exactly the opposite way. They encouraged me to play it more and to record it. And so I would like to dedicate this song to them. Simon, Johnny, Duncan, Mark, Keith, Ellie, all of you. Thank you guys for all your help and support.

From Peter's myspace:

The first disc is the original album. The second disc is called "Second Home", and is a collection of alternate versions of songs and unreleased tracks. It features many of the live versions I play of my songs, and some of the songs I play live which haven't been released. All recorded in two short nights at the Efterklang studio at the end of last year.

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