Wednesday, 20 July 2005

The Apt Ensemble - Actaeon At Home

2005 The Apt Ensemble - Actaeon At Home Vladmaster5 (cd & viewmaster reels)

A musical picture story in 4 disks & 1 mini-cd.

The Apt Ensemble:
Peter Broderick
Nathan Crockett
Branic Howard
with Tim Nicodemus - narration on track 1.

1. Introduction
2. Soundtrack

The first commercially-available recording to feature Peter Broderick was a soundtrack by The Apt Ensemble.

The Apt Ensemble were Peter Broderick, Nathan Crockett and Branic Howard. Formed to provide musical accompaniment to Vladimir's handmade View-Master™ reel Actaeon At Home, the band "play[ed] strange and delightful music on an assortment of instruments including toy piano, tuba, musical saw, melodica, pump organ, and train whistle."1 The recorded soundtrack (available on a 3" cd with the four discs of View-Master™ reels which make up Actaeon at Home) runs for 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

During the Vladmaster California tour of 2005, The Apt Ensemble "also perform[ed] a wonderful set of music unaccompanied by tiny photographs and clicking noises."1 Sadly, no record of this music exists, although photographs of the performances can be seen here.

Vladimir described the coming-together of the Apt Ensemble thus: "There was this guy I didn’t know very well who was a student at the Northwest Film Center, who did the scores to his own films, and I really liked those. So I asked him to score "Actaeon," and he got the other two to help."2

1 (
2 ( It is more likely than not that the guy was Peter - some of the films he made at this time are on his youtube channel.

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