Thursday, 13 January 2011

Penelope Joy & Peter Broderick - Apple Bobbing at ________

January 2011 PENELOPE JOY & PETER BRODERICK - Apple Bobbing at ________ Sound And Fury 026 (cassette)

Apple Bobbing At _________

Using recordings of Penelope Joy reading her poem "Apple Bobbing at _____" as his starting point, Peter Broderick crafts a slowly-shifting quarter-hour composition using voice, viola, guitar and computer.

penelope joy wrote the words and recorded herself reading them two times. she gave the recordings, as well as the written text, to peter broderick. peter then made a piece of music around penelope's words and recordings, using his voice, a viola, a nylon string guitar, an acoustic bass guitar and his computer.

released 13 January 2011
thank you: peter, adam, justin

100 copies only.


  1. I take it that this isn't yet available?
    It isn't in the Sound & Fury shop.

    Please reply, I'd really love to learn how I can get one of these...

  2. As far as I know, this is already sold out. I don't have a copy either, sadly.

  3. boomkat should have limited copies in a few weeks.

  4. they came and went, and i am extremely privileged to own one now. Discogs has one for £35 last time i checked :( it's NOT me selling it.