Saturday, 27 November 2010

Takumi Uesaka/Peter Broderick - Glimmer

November 2010 Takumi Uesaka/Peter Broderick - Glimmer Cote Labo cote001 (cd)

Takumi Uesaka
01. cosmonaut
02. glide
03. light(moon river)
Peter Broderick
04. goodnight
05. low light
06. it's a storm when i sleep
07. eyes closed and traveling

Takumi Uesaka: vocal, guitar and effects
Peter Broderick: piano and voice

From the label:
Split album "glimmer" is Takumi Uesaka and Peter Broderick's work. This album's concept "If Takumi and Peter make the song for a quiet midnight". With naive voice and quiet melody, Takumi & Peter delicately presents the calm mid-night, and then "Quiet night" would surrounds and lull the audience.

Takumi Uesaka
Takumi Uesaka's sound world is comprised of neutral vocal wearing melancholy, electric acoustic guitar, feedback and humming. His world is delicate and fragile. And there is none other like him. His music is none like Sigur Ros and Owen's, yet as the debut album, it gives a great impact like theirs... or even greater!

Peter Broderick
With the new relesae "How They Are" in september, Peter Broderick is one of the representative figure in the scene. In this "glimmer", all his pieces are recorded at Grunewald church in Berlin. Adding the peculiar atmosphere to church and reverberation to his pieces, his pieces ever more simple and deeply resounding.
These pieces are truely the songs for "night". You can't stop shutting eyes and deeply absorbed into it.

About 32minutes quiet midnight.

Released in November 2010 in Japan; worldwide release in February 2011

Listen to Eyes Closed And Travelling here


  1. Who made the artwork? Thank you!

  2. Artwork & Design: Kayo Nomura