Monday, 19 March 2012

Crawl Into My Bed #2

March 2012 Peter Broderick - Crawl Into My Bed #2 (download)

From Peter's website: "as requested by joshua gibbs on QUESTION 26, i’d like to share with you a live recording from my concerts in mechelen, belgium, back in february. for those who aren’t familiar with my first crawl into my bed recording, these long pieces were performed live for an audience of people who all had beds, and were encouraged to sleep while myself and a couple other musicians perform live late into the night. they’ve always been lovely experiences, and those two nights in mechelen were no exception. you can grab the recording here while this link lasts."


  1. the link is invalid.. :(
    anyway to get those? I was there..

  2. Can this please, please get re-upped?

  3. You cut short Peters comment on the site! I recorded this. Damn never came so close to getting mentioned on this beautiful site. :)