Friday, 11 December 2009

Crawl Into My Bed

December 2009 Peter Broderick - Crawl Into My Bed (fluid radio podcast)

On December 10 & 11, 09, I played 2 very special concerts in Leuven, Belgium, @ the amazing STUK venue. They were label nights for Slaapwel records, who only release music to sleep to, and recently released my Music for a Sleeping Sculpture. They installed 50 beds, & everyone in the audience slept over, while me & 2 other artists performed in the middle of the room.

I only have a recording of the 1st night. I went on around 1 am, and performed for two & a half hours or so, until my musical brain was tired, and then went to sleep among the audience. I started off performing quiet versions of a couple songs people had requested, and then improvised the rest around a couple loose themes.

I wouldn’t recommend listening intently all the way through, but instead maybe try putting it on quietly in the background while you go about your business, cleaning your room, working on your computer, cooking dinner, taking a walk, laying in bed, etc. – Peter

On flickr, Peter describes this music like this: "One hour of quiet, slow building music, improvised around a few loose themes, using violin, nord electro keyboard, musical saw, melodica, various percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, glockenspiel, field recordings, postcard weevil, my voice, two loop stations, and one delay pedal. Not to mention a few audience members turning over in their beds and coughing a time or two."

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